Canoe Rental Rates - 2023

Discounts: If you book 5 or more canoes, or have a trip of 5 or more days duration, we offer a 10% discount.
Please note: our rates are by calendar day, not by 24 hour time period.
Due to the increased fuel prices a fee of $10/order will be added for delivery orders.
Taxes: HST(13%) is charged on all our rental rates.
2 Paddles and 2 PFDs (life jackets) are included in all of our rental prices for canoes. Kayaks include 1 paddle and 1 PFD.

Canoe Material / Brand LengthDaily Rate Weight Capacity
Ultralight Kevlar / Souris River18'5"$5449 lbs1200 lbs
Ultralight Kevlar / Souris River17'$4944 lbs1100 lbs
Ultralight Kevlar / Souris River16'$4939 lbs920 lbs
Ultralight Kevlar / Souris River Solo15'6"$4933 lbs500 lbs
Recreational Kayak / Emotion Kayak12'7"$3345 lbs300 lbs

Outfitting Equipment Rentals

Item Desc Cost
Tents(2 & 3 person)$12.00/day
72L canoe packs$9.50/day
120L canoe packs$9.50/day
90L barrel packs$9.50/day
Additional Paddles & PFD's (see notes above)$3.50/day
Sleeping Bags$8.50/day
Foam Sleeping Pads$2/day
Water filters$6/day
Lanterns (Electric LED - purchase batteries separately)$4/day
Stoves (purchase fuel separately)1 burner (propane only)$3.50/day
2 burner (propane only)/
MSR Whisper (butane)

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